Wardrobe Essentials: Spring


While spring officially arrived in Canada a few weeks ago, I think someone forgot to tell Mother Nature to turn the heat on!  This last week has been anything but spring-like in Southern Ontario – snow instead of tulips, freezing rain instead of spring showers and an overcast haze instead of sunshine.

Although it is grey and cold as I write this, I am not discouraged.  I firmly believe spring weather is just around the corner, and as such, I have started to gather together my spring wardrobe essentials.

The arrival of spring is truly cause for celebration as we are finally able to shed those winter layers and refresh our closets.  I don’t know about you, but it brings me such joy to put my heavier fabrics into storage and make room for my lighter weaves.  It is exciting to move those beautiful pastels to the front of the closet; however, it can be easy to get caught up in all that spring excitement and blow the budget on loads of current, trendy items.

Over the last few years, I have tried my best to avoid this temptation and instead, make a concerted effort to purchase classic items that will not only serve me well this spring, but for many springs to come.

In the first of what I expect will be a reoccurring series on the blog, I offer you five wardrobe essentials for spring:

The Trench Coat 

When I hear the word trench coat, two words immediately come to mind – classic and springtime.  While the trench coat was originally developed as an alternative to the heavy serge greatcoats worn by British and French soldiers during the First World War (you’re welcome for the history lesson), today, the trench is considered a classic wardrobe staple for both men and women.

While Burberry is considered the gold standard in trench coats, they come with a hefty price tag as well, which has lead me on a lengthly search for a substitute.  Well friends, that lengthly search ended last week, when I came across this beauty.  I picked it up in the colour sand; however, I love it so much I may order it in navy as well.  One day, I may finally have my Burberry trench, but until then, I know this one will serve me well.  Here are a few more lovelies for inspiration:

Lyocell Notch Collar Trench Coat – Le Chateau
Icon Trench Coat – J. Crew 
Classic Long Trench – Ann Taylor

The Floral Scarf

While I could live in florals all day everyday (to my husband’s chagrin), I have come to find that a little goes along way.  In spring, I especially love finishing off a neutral outfit with a floral scarf.  Depending on the size and weight, you can dress up a casual outfit by tying a floral scarf around your neck, or elevate an evening look by draping it around your shoulders.  While silk is beautiful, there are a variety of silk-like options that are equally pretty.  Here are a few of my current favourites:

Floral Print Woven Scarf – Le Chateau
Lord & Taylor Watercolour Floral Scarf – Hudson’s Bay
Painterly Floral Scarf – Bindya

The Ballet Flat

Regardless of the season, ballet flats are an essential item in every women’s wardrobe.  These beauties are elegant, feminine and extremely versatile.  While black flats are an excellent choice all year long, I love introducing a neutral or pastel flat to my wardrobe for spring.  Paired with a light, flowing dress, or a cute trouser, these shoes take you from day to evening without missing a step.  Need some inspiration? Check these out:

Brevia Flat – Call it Spring
Loralee Flat – Aldo 
Sedgwick Ballet Flat – Tory Burch

The Ankle Pant

Nothing looks more chic paired with ballet flats than a classic ankle pant.  In hues like khaki, navy, black and white, or even feminine prints, the options are endless.  Pair them with a crisp white shirt and blazer for a fresh work look, or a white scoop tee for a comfortable, on-the-go ensemble.  I recently purchased this chic pair from Zara and cannot wait to work them into my wardrobe.  Here are a few more options:

Straight Crop Pant – White House Black Market
Sloan-Fit Slim Ankle Pant – Banana Republic
Pixie Mid-Rise Ankle Pant – Old Navy

The Rain Boot

If there is one staple any woman needs in spring, it is a pair of rain boots.  Whether you’re walking on slippery sidewalks or jumping puddles, a pair of rain boots keep you dry and stylish simultaneously.

While I prefer the classic Hunter in black, rain boots come in a variety of colours, styles and price-points.  Click on the links below to see a few other chic options:

Original Short Striped Rain Boot – Hunter 
Evedon Rain Boot – Joules 
Talia Rain Boot – Coach 

BONUS – The Umbrella 

While not necessarily a wardrobe essential, I consider a quality umbrella absolutely necessary for spring.  Whether you prefer a walking umbrella or one that is more compact, there are so many great options to choose from.

I always have a classic, black umbrella with a wooden handle on hand; however, a few weeks ago, I passed by this lovely floral option, and for the price, I couldn’t leave it in the store. Here are a few others that you might enjoy:

Check-Lined Folding Umbrella – Burberry
The Petrichor Umbrella – Brelinni
Rain Check? Umbrella – Kate Spade 

The forecast for this week looks promising, so I’m sure it won’t be long before I can begin to wear some of these essentials and I can’t wait!  What are your spring wardrobe essentials?  I would love to hear about them.

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

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  1. I always enjoy your posts! This one in particular is a current favorite of mine as I too am beginning to assemble my spring wardrobe! Spring cleaning is actually something i both enjoy and dread every year….while it is time consuming and takes some labor, I enjoy taking each item in my closet out and sorting everything. For me, I tend to make more purchases during the Christmas holiday season and near my (March) birthday! So by this time of year, my closet is getting a bit cramped! Thank you for giving me a peak into your wardrobe loves! I especially enjoyed your watercolor scarf selection! Also, you inspired me to look into an investment piece that I honestly don’t know why I haven’t already made….a Classic Trench! How have i been overlooking this!


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