Organize Your New Year’s Resolutions

Due to the overwhelming success of my first guest post (thanks again to my lovely friend, Anina Belle – @lechefswife), I thought why not keep the party going and feature another person who inspires me – my friend, Lauren Tucker. 

Famously-known (I say this because Lauren’s Instagram took off like a rocket last year) as @an_organized_life on Instagram, we bonded over an obsession love for organizing.  Since then, Lauren has expanded her account to feature everything from planning, budgeting, cooking, baking, frugality and minimalism (with a few glimpses of her daughter here and there – a sight that brightens even the darkest days).  Ultimately, Lauren tries to infuse her every day with beautiful and simple pleasures. 

With the arrival of 2017, some of you may be well on your way to accomplishing your goals and resolutions – and for those who are, I salute you!  Contrary to my typically hyper-organized tendencies, I have had a million goals and resolutions swimming around in my head, and quite a lot of difficulty organizing and prioritizing them.  If you and I are in the same boat maybe we should find a new boat, have no fear!  With Lauren’s help, we are going to organize those goals and resolutions for a productive and accomplished 2017. 

Without further ado, I give you An Organized Life…

2017 is now truly in full swing, and you may be looking at your list of New Year’s resolutions and goals wondering where to start!  Well, below are five steps to organize, execute, and keep your goals on track for 2017!

Step 1 ~ Identify your goals and resolutions

Take a notebook dedicated to your 2017 resolutions and goals, or, open a new Word or Google document.

Editor’s Note: a new planning page to help you organize your goals and resolutions is now available under the Printables section of Pearls, Lace and Grace, entitled Intentions for 2017 (Word or PDF).

At the top of each page, place the goal or resolution you would like to achieve for the new year. Under the goal, write down all of the reasons why you want to accomplish them. This list will be incredibly helpful when you start losing your motivation and drive to achieve it! It becomes an amazing reference to motivate you.

Step 2 ~ Break it down

Looking at your list of goals, write down the steps you will need to take in order to achieve them, and treat these steps as mini goals. Your goals will be achieved because of the small mini goals you set for yourself. This, in my opinion, will (and should) take the most time when organizing your goals and resolutions for the new year.

Step 3 ~ Assign a completion date

Next to the list of mini goals, write down an approximate (and appropriate) timeline. This is important – don’t stretch yourself too thin! Give yourself plenty of time to achieve these mini goals. If you try and get too much done at the same time, you will be the opposite of productive – overwhelmed. You have (in most cases) a year to achieve these goals!

Step 4 ~ Celebrate the victories

As you work through your mini goals on the way to accomplishing the big ones, be sure to take some time out and celebrate your accomplishments! You are working extremely hard to tackle your objective, and deserve to celebrate the steps involved to make your dreams happen. This could be something small, like a celebratory coffee, or something larger like a dinner out with friends. Totally up to you, your budget, and your goal.

Step 5 ~ Give yourself grace

So, fast forward – it is now July and you have fallen off the wagon with one (or all) of your goals. It’s okay! Take time to acknowledge that you have become apathetic or lost your ambition and motivation, and take a second to figure out why. Did you set to lofty a goal? Were your mini goals not spread out enough, causing you to feel overwhelmed? Did life just get in the way? These are all totally common problems, and all you need to do is find that motivation to get you back on track! Now is the time to refer back to that list you made in the beginning as to why you wanted to achieve these goals! (I told you there was a reason for it). Find that motivation and drive again to tackle your goals one-by-one.

Remember, you can do whatever you put your mind to. The key to success is found in the hard work and organization you put in before you even start tackling your goal or resolution.

Happy New Year!

An Organized Life

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