A Few Of My Favourite Things ~ No. 8



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Well, my friends, long time, no post.  As many of you may have seen via Instagram (or gathered by the lack of blog posts), I fell out of love with blogging for a moment.  Most of that can be attributed to a difficult few months for myself and my family; however, that dark time has finally given way to light, and we are all on the mend, and stronger for having weathered the storm.

Inevitably, we will all pass through difficult times in our lives; and it is in these moments, that it becomes even more vital to make time for  favourite things.  Like Maria said, “When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I’m feeling sad, I simply remember my favourite things, and then I don’t feel so bad”.

I am glad to be back, and without further ado, I give you a few of my (current) favourite things:

Ballet for Life – Mary Helen Bowers

Since childhood, I have been an avid fan of ballet, and have even practiced it intermittently throughout my life.  While I knew fairly early on that I was not born to be a prima ballerina, that has not stopped me from loving and appreciating the art in its different forms.  So, when I came upon Mary Helen Bowers (former dancer in the New York City Ballet) on Instagram some time ago, I was immediately hooked.

Ballet Beautiful, amongst other things, offers ballet-inspired workouts for the “dancer in all of us”.  While you can stream mini-sessions via YouTube (search Ballet Beautiful), if you really want the goods, you can also stream the full sessions via their website for a fee.

In Ballet For Life, Mary Helen delves into the Ballet Beautiful universe, showing readers how to attain a ballerina’s lean and powerful physique and graceful poise via exercises, posture lessons, wellness tips and fashion and beauty advice, some of which can be effortlessly incorporated into one’s daily routines.

I have thoroughly enjoyed all of Mary Helen’s lifestyle tips and suggestions; however, my favourite aspect of the book is the exquisite photography.  Images by legendary photographers Inez and Vinoodh are coupled with equally lovely technical photographs that demonstrate the Ballet Beautiful workout and lifestyle.  If you are a ballet fan, this book is for you.

English Mint & Ginger Lip Care – Jo Malone

For years, I was devoted to Dior’s Creme De Rose balm for my lip care; however, when I went to repurchase it a few months ago, I could not find it anywhere in stock (quel drag). Then, a few days later, Jo Malone came to my rescue by releasing their English Mint & Ginger Lip Care (the crowd cheers).

Not only does this product soften, smooth and repair dryness, but it is enriched with moringa butter, rose flower wax and kukui seed oil, which helps to condition and protect.

While I find the product to be both comforting and nourishing, it is really the scent that takes this product to the next level.  Simple mint notes balanced by ginger is, for me, an irresistible combination.  Classically packaged, this product will look lovely on your vanity, and is packaged for portability, should you need it on-the-go.  If you are a Jo Malone fan, this is something you will want to look into!

Silk Cotton Crew – Banana Republic

Last year, Banana Republic released their Silk Cotton Crew, and I immediately fell in love.  A classic design, with a touch of feminine detailing, sent this lightweight sweater to the top of my wish list.  Unfortunately, I waited too long, and as the story goes, by the time I decided to purchase the sweaters, they had sold out.  At that moment, I made it my mission to stalk the Banana Republic website so that I did not miss out again.

Well, my stalking paid off (that’s an odd thing to say outside of this context), a few weeks ago, when Banana Republic released their first round (which are now significantly reduced here) of sweaters, and I’m not proud, but I went a little crazy during their 40% and 50% off sales.  So far (yes, it is possible that I will add more colours because they have just released a second round – here), I have added black, brushed navy, heather grey, and periwinkle blue to my collection; however, I have my eye on frosted aqua and ivory too – go big or go home, I say!

These sweaters are the perfect weight for me, as I do not care for bulky knits, and they wash and wear like a dream.  They are such a versatile piece – easily transitions from the workplace to the weekend.

Delicate Wash – The Laundress 

The above-mentioned sweaters provide the perfect segway into my next favourite, because I recently purchased a new laundry product to care for them.  Those of you who have followed PLG for sometime, know that I am an avid fan of The Laundress, and religiously repurchase their Signature Detergent and their Fabric Fresh (both in the Classic scent), so it will come as no surprise to you, that once I purchased those beautiful sweaters, I wanted to ensure I took care of them with the right product.

Enter the Delicate Wash – from lingerie to silk blouses and scarves, this special formula removes perspiration, body oils, and stains, while cleaning and preserving the fabric.  This wash is ideal for silks, synthetics, spandex, polyester, nylon, rayon, acetate and myriad of other blends.  Scented in “Lady” (a herbal and citrus bend of rich amber, bergamot, lavender and musk), this wash not only leaves my sweaters looking brand new, but also leaves the lightest scent, making the experience of doing laundry (yes, I said it), a pleasant one.

Editor’s Note: To take your delicate care to the next level, you may also wish to try the Delicate Spray (to freshen delicate garments in between washes), and the brand’s Mesh Washing Bags (to protect delicate garments from snags and tangles).  I have both, and highly recommend. 

Inspired By Nikki – YouTube 

If you enjoy home keeping, organization, fashion, beauty, lifestyle and all things blush, then the YouTube channel, Inspired By Nikki, will be right up your street.

I have been following Nikki since her early days, and as her channel has grown (approaching thirty thousand subscribers), so has my love for her content.  Nikki, who resides in Las Vegas with her four lovely children and husband, has such a beautiful spirit.  She is composed and elegant in both her speech and demeanour, and is such a breath of fresh air.  Needless to say, I anxiously await her videos each week (Nikki currently uploads Mondays and Wednesdays).

For a dose of lovely inspiration, stop by her channel, and tell her I sent you!

Editor’s Note: See Nikki’s channel trailer here.

Making your favourites apart of your everyday is essential to living well.  They pick you up when you’re feeling down, and encourage you to be more present in the moment when enjoying them.

What are some of your current favourites?  I would love to know in the comments below.

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