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Pearls, Lace and Grace is the pursuit of refined living.

A way of life that encourages an appreciation of beautiful moments.

Allow me to elaborate on what you may expect to see on this blog:


What thought comes to mind when you hear the word pearls?  The first thing that may come to mind is jewelry.  I know it often does for me.  While anyone who knows me will tell you that I am an avid admirer and collector of pearl jewelry, especially Tiffany & Co. pearls, I am also excited by other types of pearls, like pearls of wisdom.  To me, pearls reinforce that in a world full of manufactured possessions, often it is nature that creates the most beautiful objects and images in our surroundings.  On occasion, I may share all types of pearls with you.


A delicate fabric made of yarn or thread in an open weblike pattern.  Perhaps your mind goes to a favourite lace blouse or the lace detailing on your beloved wedding dress.  On this blog, I may post about a beautiful piece of clothing or an accessory.  However, to me, lace also represents the complex, weblike interconnectedness of our world.  Our relationships with others, near and far, and the way our lives intertwine.  I may speak to different interpretations of lace from time to time.


Like the above mentioned, to me grace takes many forms.  For example, my favourite actress-turned-princess, Grace Kelly.  While Grace was and remains revered for her beauty, she was also a complex woman with strong values.  On this blog, I may discuss other individuals who inspire me.  A more universal understanding of grace conjures thoughts of simple elegance or refined movement.  Understanding this, there can be a grace in the way an artist applies paint to their canvas, a grace in the way one sets a table for dinner, or the graceful movement of the title dancer in the ballet Giselle. On this blog, I may speak to anything that lends itself to the idea of grace.

I wish to thank those who have inspired and encouraged me to take this first step and I look forward to the journey.